Tutorial sobre Active Serves Pages (ASP)

merlotlogoPágina web que contiene un tutorial sobre  Active Server Pages (ASP), incluyendo ejemplos.

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Reviewed: ago 24, 2009 by Information Technology
Overview: “ASP Tutorial” is a text-based tutorial available from w3school’s web site (www.w3schools.com) that covers materials about writing scripts using ASP. This ASP tutorial contains more than 100 examples. It shows both the ASP source code and the HTML output of the code. This ASP web site is a commercial site sponsored by W3 Schools and has a significant amount of solid information about the basics of ASP – Active Server Page. Overall the tutorial serves as an excellent tool for anyone who wants to become an ASP programmer.
Learning Goals: At the completion of this course, the student will be able to: * Plan, code, debug, and execute simple ASP programs * Learn to use Internet Information Server * Create procedures and basic ASP applications * Add server-side scripts to web sites * Dynamically edit, change or add any content of a web page * Respond to data submitted from HTML forms * Access any data or databases and return the results to a browser * Customize a web page to make it more useful for individual users
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High School, undergraduate or Higher Education Web Programming Courses

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