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Real Time Systems.pdf

Real-Time Systems are now being used almost everywhere. In the context, this course addresses some basic issues that are necessary to develop and understand real-time system. The specific issues addressed are scheduling real-time tasks, Resource-sharing issues among real-time tasks, scheduling real-time tasks in multiprocessor and distributed systems, commercial real-time operating systems, real-time communication, and real-time databases.

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Contents along with download links:

  • Module 1 Introduction [ What is Real Time ~ Applications of REal-Time Systems ~ A Basic Model of Real Time System ~ Characteristics of Real Time Systems ~ Safety and Reliability ~ Types of Real Time Tasks ~ Timing Constraints ~ Modelling Timing Constraints ]
  • Module 2 Real Time Task Scheduling [ Some Important Concepts ~ Types of Real Time Tasks and Their Characteristics ~ Task Scheduling ~ Clock Driven Scheduling ~ Hybrid Schedulers ~ Event driven Scheduling ~ Earliest Deadline First (EDF) Scheduling ~ Rate Monotonic Algorithm (RMA) ~ Some Issues Associated with RMA ~ Issues in Using RMA in Practical Situations ]
  • Module 3 Handling Resource Sharing and Dependencies Among REal Time Tasks [ Realtime Sharing Among Real Time Tasks ~ Priority Inversion ~ Priority Inheritance Protocol (PIP) ~ Highest Locker Protocol (HLP) ~ Priority Ceiling Protocol (PCP) ~ Different Types of Priority Inversions Under PCP ~ Important Features of PCP ~ Some Issues in Using A Resource Sharing Protocol ~ Handling Task Dependencies ]
  • Module 4 Scheduling Real Time Tasks in Multiprocessor and Distribution Systems [ Multiprocessor Task Allocation ~ Dynamic Allocation of Tasks ~ Fault Tolerant Sceduling of TAsks ~ Clocks in Distributed Real Time Systems ~ Centralized Clock Synchronization ~ Distributed Clock Synchronization ]
  • Module 5 Commercial REal Time Operating Systems [ Time Services ~ Features of A Real Time Operating System ~ Unix as a Real Time Operating System ~ Unix Based Real Time Operating Systems ~ Windows as a Real Time Operating Systems ~ POSIX ~ A Survey of Contemporary REal Time Operating Systems ~ Benchmarking Real Time Systems ]
  • Module 6 Real Time Communication [ Examples of REal Time Communication Applications ~ Basic Concepts ~ Real Time Communication in LAN ~ Soft Real Time Communication in a LAN ~ Hard Real Time Communication in a LAN ~ Bounded Access Protocol ~ Performance Comparison ~ Real Time Communication Over Internet ~ Routing ~ Multicast Routing ~ Resource Reservation ~ Traffic Shaping and Policing ~ Scheduling Mechanisms ~ QoS Models ]
  • Module 7 Real Time Databases [ Example of Real Time Databases ~ Review of Basic Database Concepts ~ Real Time Databases ~ Characteristics of Temporal Data ~ Concurrency Control in Real Time Databases ~ Commercial Real Time Databases ]

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